Extended range of compact SMT high-current chokes

23-04-2021 | TDK | Passives

TDK Corporation offers an extended range of EPCOS ERU-SMT power inductors with the new ERU19, ERU24 and ERU27 (B82559*) series. Each product line comprises up to ten types, including inductance values from 1µH to 30µH. Overall, a range of saturation currents at 25C from 11.5A DC to 101.5A DC is covered.

A main feature of the power inductors is the compact design. With a footprint of just 19.9mm x 18.5mm2 to 27.8mm x 25.8mm2, they take up 14% less space on the PCB than their predecessor. The low insertion heights between 7.65mm and 16.9mm differ depending on the type. This low-profile design is based on a flat rectangular helical winding technology, producing lower losses.

The ohmic resistances are between 0.46mOhm and 17mOhm. The new high-current chokes are intended for operating temperatures between -40C and +150C. The product’s extra third soldering pad adds to high mechanical stability on the PCB. The new components, which are RoHS-compatible and AEC-Q200 qualified, are employed as output and storage chokes in a wide variety of power supply topologies. Use cases include POL converters, DC-DC converters, high-current switch-mode power supplies and inverters for photovoltaic systems and automotive applications.

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