Real-time oscilloscopes bring high-speed performance at reduced cost

11-03-2021 | Saelig | Test & Measurement

Saelig Company has launched the PicoScope two-channel 9402 Sampler-Extended Real-time Oscilloscope series with two models offered: the 9402-05 and the 9402-16 with 5GHz and 16GHz bandwidth, respectively. They complement the already available four-channel models at a lower price point. Designed to analyse repetitive or clock-derived signals, they provide two high-resolution 12-bit channels driven by the equivalent-time sampling of up to 1TSa/s (1ps) for the 5GHz model and 2.5TSa/s (0.4ps) for the 16GHz version. The wide-band inputs can precisely measure transitions as fast as 22ps, pulses down to 45ps wide, and allows clock performance and eye diagram analysis of up to 11Gb/s signals (to third harmonic). Also, the real-time broadband sampling modes can assist analysis for other common RF signals such as wireless frequencies of 900MHz, 2.4 and 5.5GHz and upwards. The instrument architecture decreases the cost of broadband time-domain sampling for repetitive signal or clock-related applications.

This USB-controlled PicoScope 9402-5&16 are supplied with PicoSample 4 software, a free touch-compatible GUI, which controls the instrument and displays waveforms, measurements, and statistics on an attached PC display. There is full support for available Windows display resolutions, enabling the inspection of waveform detail or presentation of measurements, for example, on 4K monitors or projection, or over multiple monitors.

Typical applications include telecom and radar test, service and manufacturing, optical fibre, transceiver and laser testing, RF, microwave and gigabit digital system measurements, signal, eye, pulse and impulse characterisation, precision timing and phase analysis, digital system design and characterisation, eye diagram with mask and limits test up to 8Gb/s, clock and data recovery at up to 8Gb/s, Ethernet, HDMI 1, PCI, SATA and USB 2.0, semiconductor characterisation, signal, data and pulse/impulse integrity and pre-compliance testing, and more.

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