Quick connect adapters range expanded for improved rapid testing

12-03-2021 | Cinch | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Cinch Connectivity Solutions has released a 2.92mm Quick Connect Adapter and High-Frequency SMA Quick Connect Adapters, created to adapt from a standard threaded jack to a Quick Connect Plug. These adapters are intended to provide for rapid test connections to devices employing 2.92mm and SMA connectors, following in a more efficient testing process by decreasing the time and effort needed to connect and disconnect the test cable.

The adapters are popular with test and R&D labs, supporting frequencies up to 40, 26.5 and 18GHz with three unique parts. Full Mil-PRF-39012 electrical compatibility is achieved with a push and twist motion. The adapter converts a standard 2.92mm/SMA plug test cable into a quick-connect cable, improving speed and ease of use in repetitive testing environments.

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