New IDoT solution for enhanced protection against counterfeit devices

02-03-2021 | Infineon | Semiconductors

Infineon Technologies AG has released the OPTIGA Authenticate IDoT anti-counterfeit turnkey solution, which consolidates enhanced authentication with unprecedented levels of configuration flexibility. The solution is claimed to be the industry’s leading embedded security solution that provides enhanced hardware ECC-based security and exceptional flexibility to address customer and application requirements.

With an extended temperature range of -40C to +120C, the solution is excellent for industrial applications and supports the growing and ubiquitous demands for authentication. Use cases include rechargeable batteries for portable devices, single-use disposables for HVAC and water filters, light electric vehicles, and computing and robotic systems in very complex eMobility, industrial and IoT environments.

The solution is packaged in a robust TSNP SMD housing measuring just 1.5mm x 1.5mm x 0.38mm3. It supports four ECC authentication modes: one-way, mutual, host binding and host support. Developers can select from two communication profiles, three temperature ranges, three sets of memory and four integrated secured decremental counters with secured lifecycle management, capless LDO and robust ESD protection. Furthermore, the solution offers unique on-chip turnkey digital certificates and key pairs.

Evaluation and development kits are offered to simplify integrating the security solutions with full SDK, host code library and C-base API to provide a strong platform for simple application testing. These tools are based on the latest PSoC 6 BLE prototyping kit with full programmer and debugger, BLE and Wi-Fi capabilities.

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