USB-C type connectors offer the fastest data transfer

18-02-2021 | Suntsu Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Suntsu offers its latest and most powerful cables: USB Type C connectors. They have been incorporated into computers, phones, and tablets. Large companies such as Apple are now replacing older, larger USBs and making way for the USB-C. With the correct set-up, they are the fastest connectors available for transporting data. The smaller size, new reversible shape, and interoperability are three significant features that make this connector a requirement.

The new reversible shape also helps avoid the struggle to obtain the right orientation when attempting to make a connection. This is due to the connector pins being the same on both sides, unlike its predecessors. This shape is being adopted in most new devices and will enable users to have fewer, smaller cables laying around.

Over 700 technology companies have collectively chosen to design and adopt this next-generation cable. Apple, Google, Dell, Microsoft, Intel, HP, and Samsung are a few tech giants who collaborated on this new technology.

USB-C connector supports multiple new USB standards such as USB 3.1 – which enables data transfers of up to 10Gbps and USB PD, allowing power delivery. Multiple series are offered in through-hole or surface-mount packaging with many sizes to select from.

By Natasha Shek