Thin-film chip resistors deliver elevated reliability in challenging environments

26-02-2021 | RS Components | Passives

RS Components offers new ultra-high-precision chip resistors to its comprehensive passive portfolio. Optimised for industrial and automotive applications and use in test instrumentation and audio equipment, the thin film element of KOA’s RN73R series displays a temperature coefficient of resistance that extends from ±5ppm to ±100ppm. The new series offers a considerably greater electrolytic corrosion resistance than its predecessor - the RN73 series - which assures a more reliable device, particularly in more demanding environments. Resistance values range from 10R to 1.5M, dependent on chip size. Resistance tolerance levels are offered down to ±0.05%.

The chip resistors are supplied in five sizes, from 0402 to 1210, with power ratings of up to 0.25W. Fully compliant with the AEC-Q200 automotive standard, these components can cope with operational temperatures from -55C to +155C. They possess a maximum moisture tolerance of ±0.25%, at 85% relative humidity for 1000 hours at +85C.

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