Strategic alliance simplifies Edge analytics for IIoT

01-02-2021 | Advantech | Test & Measurement

Advantech and Crosser have initiated a strategic alliance to empower global industries with Advanced Edge Analytics.

The strategic alliance incorporates an initiative to have Crosser Edge Analytics software pre-installed on new Advantech IoT systems to lessen the complexity and speed time from idea to proof of value in Industrial IoT. The low-code and drag-and-drop nature of the Crosser software makes it simple for non-developers, to innovate. The wide connectivity support of Advantech IoT systems indicates that data from a long list of machines can be collected, analysed and acted upon.

“Advantech is a trusted global supplier of Industrial grade systems and the combination of highly reliable hardware and easy-to-use advanced software will create significant customer value. Together we empower customers with an Industrial IoT/Industry 4.0 vision to go from idea to realisation much faster and to a lower total cost,” says Martin Thunman, CEO and co-founder of Crosser.

“We are glad to work together with forefront software like Crosser. Together we offer a complete solution with our dedicated hardware, the Advantech EdgeLink system as backbone and Crosser Advanced Analytics on top - enabling Industry 4.0 for both brownfield and future installations,” says Rick de Vries, Head of Smart Industrial and Equipment Builders at Advantech.

“In our discussion with Advantech, we wanted to meet the demand for a product that radically simplifies the industry's IoT initiatives. Therefore, we came up with this Advantech Edge Solution-Ready Platform with the Low Code Crosser Platform embedded,” says Mikael Samuelsson, Director of Strategic Alliances & Partners.

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