Snap-in aluminium electrolytic capacitors with outstanding ripple current capability

25-02-2021 | TDK | Passives

TDK Corporation offers a new EPCOS aluminium electrolytic capacitor series B43548* with snap-in terminals. The capacitors provide an excellent maximum ripple current capability of 9.8A (400V, 100Hz, 60C). This makes them excellent for demanding applications in power electronics. The capacitors are intended for a maximum operating temperature of 105C, have a rated voltage range of 400V to 500V and reach under these conditions a useful lifetime of 3000h. Depending on the rated voltage, they provide a capacitance range of 68µF to 820µF in case sizes of 25mm x 25mm to 35mm x 55mm (d x l). A special focus of the series is the high level of resilience against rapid charging and discharging cycles.

With the outstanding ripple current capability, these capacitors are excellent for usage in frequency converters, UPS systems, industrial power supplies, medical devices and photovoltaic inverters. Due to their robustness concerning rapid charging and discharging cycles, they also satisfy the demanding needs of servo drive applications.

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