Small signal MOSFET devices support a wide range of automotive applications

23-02-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Automotive Technologies

Toshiba Automotive Small Signal MOSFET Devices, available now from Mouser, are AEC-Q101 qualified compact body semi-power MOSFETs. They support an extensive variety of automotive applications for battery systems from 12V to 48V, including power line load switches, LED headlights, and BMS cell balance circuitry.

The SOT-23F is a proprietary flat-lead featured package from the company instead of the existing gull-wing lead type SOT-23 package. This enhances thermal dissipation through increased heat sinking contact area between the package and the PCB. As mount quality and reliability under harsh thermal environments are a common concern for flat-lead type packages, thermal cycling demands for automotive applications have been satisfied. They also maintain footprint compatibility to the previous SOT-23 package. Combining sophisticated wafer processing and packaging techniques, the SSM3K341R and SSM3K361R in the SOT-23F package boasts industry-leading RDS(ON) of 36mOhm and 65mOhm (@VGS=4.5V), respectively. The low on-resistance provides a reduction in application size while also decreasing energy losses. Also, the devices support a maximum channel temperature of +175C and can be utilised widely in automotive applications where the operating environment is demanding.

Typical applications include LED headlights, battery management system, and power supply reverse connection protection.

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