Pressure transducer for harsh environments increases machine operational efficiency

26-02-2021 | TE Connectivity | Test & Measurement

TE Connectivity has developed the M9100 pressure transducer. Based on its Microfused strain gauge technology, the pressure transducer can function in extreme conditions at pressures up to 700bar.

“In harsh environments where high levels of vibration and high temperatures are present, there is a need for dependable pressure sensors,” said Todd Eckhardt, global product manager at TE. “TE’s M9100 reliable performance increases operational efficiency and helps prevent downtime and failure, providing customers with a durable sensor solution.”

With its simple and innovative snubber design, the pressure transducer is offered with standard configurations, gives durability against pressure spikes and is less predisposed to errors and maintenance. The robust package provides for reliable sensor operation when submerged in water.

The transducer offers excellent EMI/EMC performance, according to ISO 11552. It can endure nearby electrical noise and be installed next to EMI emitting components. Moreover, a high level of electrical protection to the power supply makes the device more robust to poor power supply control and decreases the risk of system issues.

By Natasha Shek