Platform for managing and controlling low voltage loads

18-02-2021 | RS Components | Power

RS Components has added TeSys island from Schneider Electric to its portfolio. This object-oriented digital load management solution has tremendous potential in a modern industrial automation context. It can deal with motors and other electrical loads (including pumps, relays, programmable logic controllers, conveyors) up to an 80A rating.

Through its object-oriented approach with an array of 30 different predetermined application-specific functions that can be employed, this platform offers a straightforward method for implementing and configuring complex industrial systems. Engineers can offload much of the effort entailed in the defining and commissioning of every constituent electro-mechanical component in the system. This makes the hardware installation phase far quicker and easier to complete - thereby reducing the associated costs and reducing the time before systems can be placed into action.

Through the platform, supervisors of industrial systems can gain access to essential diagnostic data. This assures that maximum operational performance is always upheld and helps with preventive maintenance and fault identification. The platform is compatible with all the main automation Fieldbus IOs - including Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, and PROFIBUS. The platform can be combined with the company’s EcoStruxure Machine Expert, plus Rockwell Automation’s Studio 5000 and Siemens’ TIA portal and other proprietary third-party automation systems. To support automation engineers further using the platform, RS has also launched its own dedicated online configuration tool. It is possible, through this, to assign the correct variable speed drives and direct/soft starters to satisfy specific application needs.

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