New third generation SiC MOSFETs offer industry-leading performance

19-02-2021 | GeneSiC | Power

GeneSiC Semiconductor’s next-generation 1200V G3R SiC MOSFETs with RDS(ON) levels ranging from 20mOhm to 350mOhm achieve unparalleled levels of performance, robustness and quality that surpasses its counterparts. System benefits incorporate higher efficiency, faster switching frequency, increased power density, reduced ringing (EMI), and compact system size.

These devices are provided in optimised low-inductance discrete packages (SMD and through-hole), are highly optimised for power system designs needing elevated efficiency levels and ultra-fast switching speeds. These devices provide considerably higher performance levels compared to competing products.

“After years of development work towards achieving the lowest on-state resistance and enhanced short circuit performance, we are excited to release the industry’s best performing 1200V SiC MOSFETs with over 15-plus discrete and bare chip products. If the next-generation power electronics systems are to meet the challenging efficiency, power density and quality goals in applications like automotive, industrial, renewable energy, transportation, IT and telecom, then they require significantly improved device performance and reliability as compared to presently available SiC MOSFETs," said Dr Ranbir Singh, president at GeneSiC Semiconductor.

Typical uses include EV – power train and charging, solar inverter and energy storage, industrial motor drive, UPS, SMPS, bi-directional DC-DC converters, smart grid and HVDC, induction heating and welding, and pulsed power applications.

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