New 5G RF regulatory test system solution

19-02-2021 | Anritsu | Test & Measurement

Anritsu Corporation now offers its new RF Regulatory Test System ME7803NR solution for regulatory compliance testing of 5G communications systems.

The newly developed system utilises the Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A as a simulated 5G NR base station together with a spectrum analyser and signal generator to perform ARIB/ETSI/FCC-compliant FR1 RF tests. Also, the measurement efficiency and quality of 5G terminals are ensured by the easy-to-operate GUI and built-in calibration function for enhanced reliability. It is a platform that can deliver spurious tests and interference tests, which are challenging for customers to produce their own test environment.

The solution makes it simple to evaluate whether the RF performance of 5G terminals satisfies regulatory requirements as well as simplifies evaluation of whether radio-waves are being employed efficiently or not, serving 5G market penetration.

The company expects its new solution to play a significant role in deploying commercial 5G mobile network services by promoting the spread of 5G terminals.

The system supports FR1 RF regulatory compliance tests of 5G NR terminals. It is employed with the Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A simulating a 5G NR base station, the Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C functioning as an LTE Anchor, and with several other test equipment and dedicated software to implement needed 5G RF Regulatory (ARIB/ETSI/FCC) Conducted tests utilising 5G NR NSA mode call connections.

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