Low-resistance multilayer ferrite inductors for NFC

19-02-2021 | TDK | Passives

TDK Corporation offers the new MLJ-H1005 inductors for use in NFC.

The inductors' expected use is for the LC filters of NFC circuits. It is essential for inductors to have narrow tolerances to reduce the loss created by mismatched impedance with the antenna. The company provides this line of inductors, offering a tolerance of ±5% to satisfy this demand. Also, it is crucial to control inductor loss at the 13.56MHz communication frequency to stop the decrease of antenna output power. The AC resistance (Rac) needs to be kept low and maintained even as current is applied. By super low loss material development, the new series delivers lower Rac through high-current applications than the existing MLJ-W series.

The usage of NFC circuits is swiftly increasing in smartphones, smartwatches, wearables, and other peripheral devices. They are expected to be employed in diverse ways to achieve a completely touchless society, including cashless payments. The company will be expanding this series of inductors to provide for these needs and meet the requirements of customers.

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