Latest UV-C LED disinfection efficacy proven to combat viruses

02-02-2021 | NICHIA | Lighting Technologies

NICHIA has launched its newest deep UV LED, the NCSU334B. At a peak wavelength of 280 nm, the deep UV LED outperforms other commercial UV-C LEDs, regardless of output, wavelength, efficiency and lifetime. New independent research has confirmed they are also best-in-class for disinfection performance against SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The company's UV-C LED technology was extensively tested at Tokushima University to confirm its bacteria and virus disinfection efficiencies. Experiments undertaken by the university’s Biomedical Sciences department showed that irradiating SARS-CoV-2 with the UV-C LED for 30 seconds, with 51mJ/cm2, exhibited 99.99% inactivation, a key activation log to accomplish. Also, the experiment was operated based on the the device's binned input power and conditions of 1.7mJ/cm2 and 5cm distance. There continues adequate room to decrease the time or increase the dosage dependant on the conditions or the design of its working distance, the quantity of LEDs or the input power.

Generally, the beneficial compact size of LED-based UV-C solutions indicates that they can be quickly integrated within disinfection applications in confined spaces including industrial applications, water purifiers, air conditioning systems and more.

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