Haptic acutator is an ideal tool for feedback in transportation applications

04-02-2021 | TTI Europe | Automotive Technologies

Vishay IHPT Linear Solenoid Haptic Acutators, available now from TTI Europe, provide the highest available impulse vibration and a quick response time for feedback in noisy environments. Coupled with a robust and long-lasting design (AEC-Q200 version available upon request), it is an excellent tool to add haptic feedback in the transportation environment.

With a 12V input voltage, strong haptic feedback can be included in applications such as automotive dashboards or displays. The simple bobbin and core design enable customers to layout spring/housing included in a display mounting.

The flexible coil design can be customised for improved circuit performance and is a perfect fit in different applications.

Typical applications include automotive dashboards and centre consoles; physical feedback for electronic shift transmissions; and touch screens for HMI.

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