Evaluation system provides a single platform with a temperature sensor

10-02-2021 | RS Components | Design & Manufacture

The Maxim Integrated MAX31889 evaluation system (EV system), available now from RS Components, gives a single platform to evaluate the MAX31889, a temperature sensor with ±0.3C accuracy.

The EV system comprises of two boards connected through headers, a MAX32630FTHR microcontroller board, and the MAX31889 EV kit board. The MAX32630FTHR comprises the firmware required to utilise the PC GUI program and gives power to the EV kit board. The EV kit board is provided with jumpers preinstalled to enable quick evaluation of the MAX31889.

The MAX32630FTHR works either from a host PC or directly from a Li+ battery. If an SD card is present in the device, pressing SW2 on it initiates measurements and saves log files to the SD card. The EV system is powered directly from the MAX32630FTHR through either a Li+ battery or a USB to Micro USB cable.

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