Easy to use complete isolation tester kit for shielded enclosures

18-02-2021 | Saelig | Test & Measurement

Saelig Company now offers the JRE TVK Isolation Tester, which can verify the proper shielding isolation of RF enclosure test set-ups. This test combination, comprising the STA-1, a sensitive handheld spectrum analyser, and the HPSS-1, a high power 2.45GHz test signal source, can simply and quickly measure enclosure isolation down to lower than -100dB. The tester is easy to use since it is adjustment-free, removing erroneous readings or complex spectrum analyser adjustment.

The HPSS-1 RF signal source, contained in a compact, rugged extruded aluminium case, is designed to be placed inside the sealed test enclosure being investigated. The HPSS-1 produces a high power 250-500mW 2.45GHz signal which is needed for sensitive leak detection. A high-capacity internal Li-Ion battery allows stand-alone operation, removing the necessity for an external power supply or the requirement to feed power into the test enclosure. In this way, the enclosure isolation barrier is unimpeded and uncompromised. The STA-1 handheld spectrum analyser is factory-configured to a centre frequency of 2.45GHz, with a span of 2MHz and a dynamic range on-screen of 115dB. With the directional antenna provided, it is an easy task to search for any signal leakage problems, such as leaky gaskets, seams, or loose screws.

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