Compact ‘2 in 1’ protection for high-speed data lines

09-02-2021 | Nexperia | Semiconductors

Nexperia has released three new TrEOS protection devices that offer the most compact method to suppress ESD in USB3.2, HDMI2.1 and other high-speed data lines. The new PUSB3BB2DF, PESD5V0C2BDF, PESD4V0Z2BCDF devices give best-in-class ESD protection and system robustness by blending high RF performance with very low clamping and high surge capability.

“Electrical engineers designing HDMI2.1, USB, Thunderbolt and other high-speed interfaces can miniaturise their designs while benefiting from industry-leading RF performance,” commented Stefan Seider, product group manager at Nexperia.

The new parts consolidate two TrEOS protection diodes in one miniature DFN0603-3 package – effectively providing two diodes in the footprint of one. As well as conserving space, this decreases component count and improves reliability. Additionally, the package is well-known, so there are no unexpected manufacturing challenges to address.

The new DFN0603-3 device family supports extremely high-speed data rates, providing a maximum pass-band above 18GHz, 50% higher than competing parts. Devices also provide very high surge robustness of up to 11A 8/20µs.

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