AC/DC power supply for motor applications and electromechanical loads

02-02-2021 | TTI Europe | Power

The Mean Well HRP-xxxN Series, available now from TTI Europe, is a single output type AC/DC power supply. This series works for the 85-264VAC input voltage and provides models with the DC output mostly requested from industry. Each model is cooled by the built-in fan with fan ON-OFF control, working for the temperature up to 70C. Furthermore, the series offers 200% short-duration peak power for motor applications and electromechanical loads needing much higher power during start-up.

The device offers a universal AC input and built-in active PFC function, PF>0.94/0.95. Offering high efficiency up to 89% it can also withstand 300VAC surge input in five seconds with short circuit, Overload, Over voltage, and Over temperature protection.

Typical application fields include industrial automation machinery, industrial control system, mechanical and electrical equipment, diagnostic or biological facilities, test or measurement systems, and telecommunications equipment.