Transducer for the electronic measurement of current

07-01-2021 | RS Components | Power

Flexible clip-around Rogowski coil is available now from RS Components. The device is for the electronic measurement of AC current with galvanic separation between the primary circuit (power) and the secondary circuit (measurement). The patented Perfect Loop Technology significantly lowers both the error due to the position of the measured conductor within the aperture and the error from the proximity of external conductors.

The device is a thin, flexible, and lightweight solution; very low positioning error and is quick, non-intrusive and easy to setup.

The device adheres to IEC 61010-1: 2010; IEC 61010-2-32: 2012; 1) IEC 61869-1: 2007; IEC 61869-2: 2012; 1) IEC 61869-6: 2016; IEC 61869-10: 2017; and UL 61010-1: 2012 standards.

Typical applications include MV/LV substations on LV side: Transformer condition monitoring; power metering: current measurement for active power calculation; building sub-metering: energy efficiency monitoring, consumption analysis and cost allocation; power quality monitoring: electrical loads and distribution system equipment; fault detection, isolation and repair: isolate the site of the fault; remote terminal unit; and phasor measurement units.

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