Revolutionary MEMS-based CO2 gas sensor platform

13-01-2021 | TDK | Test & Measurement

TDK Corporation has released the InvenSense TCE-11101, a miniaturised ultra-low-power MEMS gas sensor platform for direct and accurate detection of CO2 in home, automotive, healthcare, IoT, and other applications. The device includes new technology that increases the company's sensor activity into new applications and solutions, as part of the new SmartEnviro family. Its small size and low power facilitate consumer and commercial devices of all form factors that do not need to be wall-powered. The device is housed in a 5mm x 5mm x 1mm 28-pin LGA package and needs minimal external components to complete the design.

The company’s new device is based on a ground-breaking technology platform made possible by its unique combination of novel materials development, MEMS process technologies, and AI and machine learning abilities, providing a solution that is orders of magnitude smaller than conventional sensors, uses less than 1mW of power and gives an accurate measurement of CO2 gas concentration.

The device has expanded the use cases for CO2 detection in a broad variety of new and existing applications where conventional sensors fail due to size and power concerns or simply the economics of their usage, while 'eCO2' solutions fail to offer the expected performance. For example, the device is excellent for applications such as fixed or robotic indoor air quality monitoring due to its capacity to offer accurate CO2 readings, doing so at remarkably low power, in a very small form factor, and in a low cost, easy-to-integrate digital device.

“In addition to IoT consumer solutions, the TCE-11101 enables a wide range of health and commercial applications such as leakage detection, while also ensuring high accuracy,” said Dr Sreeni Rao, senior director, Emerging Business, InvenSense, a TDK Group Company. “Furthermore, easy integration and programmability help simplify final system design and deployment.”

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