Power-amplifier monitor and controller delivers a complete system

11-01-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Texas Instruments AFE10004 Power-Amplifier Monitor and Controller, available now from Mouser, is a highly integrated, autonomous, PA precision AFE. The AFE10004 includes four temperature compensation DACs, integrated EEPROM, and gate bias switches. The four DACs on the AFE10004 are programmed by four independent, user-defined, temperature-to-voltage transfer functions held in the internal EEPROM, enabling any temperature effects to be corrected without additional external circuitry. After start-up, the device functions without intervention from a system controller to deliver a complete system for setting and compensating bias voltages in control applications.

The controller has function integration and an expansive operating temperature range that enables it to be an ideal choice as an all-in-one, autonomous bias control circuit for the power amplifiers found in RF systems. The flexible DAC output ranges and built-in sequencing features allow the device to be employed as a biasing controller for an extensive assortment of transistor technologies, such as LDMOS, GaAs, and GaN.

Typical applications include radar, electronic defence, communications payload, defence radio, active antenna system mMIMO (AAS), and outdoor backhaul unit.

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