PaPIRs offer advantages over conventional PIR motion sensors

18-01-2021 | TTI Europe | Test & Measurement

Panasonic Industry has developed and produced PIR motion sensors combining easy integration, high reliability and environment-friendly materials. The devices are available now from TTI Europe. The passive pyroelectric infrared motion sensors abbreviated as PaPIRs, provide different series of products, including EKM (third generation) and AMN (second generation).

The PaPIRs provide significant advantages over conventional PIR motion sensors. The unique design concept ranges from the production of the pyroelectric sensing devices to the internal signal processing, therefore guaranteeing an optimal detection capability and high reliability.

Typical applications include lighting controls (offices and homes, corridors, car parking), slim luminaires, slim LED drivers (11mm), industrial lighting (warehouses, industrial halls, production halls), and public lighting (sport halls, street lighting, flood lights); HVAC control (ventilators, air conditioners and purifiers, thermostats and control sensors), workplace management, and access control; TV screens and displays, air purifiers, and advertisement panels; intrusion alarm and IP cameras, light bulbs, and AI devices.

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