New electronic indicators launched with mobile app for report storage

18-01-2021 | Timestrip | Test & Measurement

Timestrip is launching a wholly new range with two electronic temperature indicators. They will be valuable in monitoring the safe storage and transportation of an extensive range of goods including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, vaccines, food produce, adhesives and inks.

The eTimestrip Complete (‘TC’) indicators are remarkably simple to use, highly versatile and can be connected to products at unit, case or pallet level. The devices track any breach of temperature outside the designated range, assisting manufacturers and logistics staff to protect product quality and meet regulations.

The new range comprises two indicators. The TC489 is an intelligent device that monitors temperature data every minute with high accuracy. The key alert temperatures can be selected as standard, e.g. 2-8C, or can be specified as bespoke across a wide temperature range as low as -30C or as high as 60C.

The device offers upper and lower limit alarms and can communicate wirelessly employing NFC via a free app, producing a comprehensive data report that includes the number of times limit exceeded, total time limit exceeded and alarm status. Weighing only 6g, the device also offers a clear visual signal using built-in LEDs.

The TC490 is a simpler device monitoring comparable ranges with 180-day service life, irreversible alarms, and offers a highly cost-effective solution to monitoring a broad range of sensitive products.

“The new eTimestrip TC products offer our clients solutions for applications that need accurate temperature monitoring, and where strong functionality is needed in cost critical applications”, said Nora Murphy, commercial director of Timestrip. “They provide clients with the assurance that products have been stored and transported correctly all the way from manufacture to the point of use.”

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