Arbitrary/function generator valuable tool to simulate or validate digital designs

25-01-2021 | Saelig | Test & Measurement

Saelig Company now offers the Teledyne LeCroy T3AWG3252 Multifunctional 16-bit Arbitrary/Function Generators that are designed with an innovative architecture that highlights synchronised analog signal and digital pattern generation. This multifunction 250MHz arbitrary/sweep/function generator provides multiple functions in a single instrument, incorporating a two-channel function and arbitrary waveform generator with an eight-channel digital pattern generator. These three different functions are based on an advanced Direct Digital Synthesis technology which enables glitch-free on-the-fly changes of all parameters while maintaining the selected waveform shapes. All controls and settings are offered with touch/swipe gestures on the colour LCD. This makes it easy to change channels, choose the carrier, access the modulation parameters and the waveform gallery to promptly import a chosen signal, or use the virtual numeric keyboard to adjust parameter values.

The variable clock, true-arbitrary technology of the AWG/Digital Pattern Generator allows the user to create complex signals of synchronised analog waveforms and digital patterns. Users may generate signals in a sequence, or apply loops, jumps, and conditional branches. The analog/digital synchronised outputs represent a valuable tool to troubleshoot, simulate, or validate digital designs. Users can utilise the waveform sequencer to create quite complex or very long signals with multiple waveform shapes. The AWG mode employs a variable or synchronised sample rate 'True-Arb' technology to accommodate applications demanding very high signal fidelity. The platform's deep memory facilitates the capability to store numerous long waveforms.

Application tasks for which this test instrument is particularly ideal include the Distortion Test for Automotive Ethernet 100Base-T1 and 1000-Base-T1Power and the Semiconductor Dynamic Behavior Test, made simpler with the instrument's versatile double-pulse test capability. Amongst the compliance tests specified for the Automotive Ethernet standard, none is more complicated to set up than the transmitter distortion test. Employing the device and a Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscope and the QualiPHY Compliance Manager, testing is considerably simplified. The generator's excellent Harmonic Distortion performance, coupled with the output voltage amplitude range and the precise tuning of the delay and phase of the differential signal pairs, makes it a perfect tool for emulating the disturber signal to help in evading pitfalls faced throughout the execution of the test. The generator can also speedily determine the dynamic behaviour of power devices. The standard feature Double Pulse function needed for testing MOSFETs and IGBTs is made easier because the two pulses can have different amplitudes, rise-times, fall-times, and widths.

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