Advanced interface adjustable high voltage power supplies

06-01-2021 | New Yorker Electronics | Power

New Yorker Electronics has released the new advanced interface options of the UMR-AA and UMR-A Series of High Voltage Power Supplies from Dean Technology (HVPSI). Employing additional pins, the advanced interface options enable enhanced adjustment, and monitoring features consistent with industry standards and known customer requirements. The V05 and V10 options are offered with +5VDC and +10VDC reference, control and monitoring, respectively.

The V05 and V10 options are important additions to DTI’s standard power supply solutions. These advance interface options allow the power supply output voltage and current to be monitored and adjusted with the same scaling and include a +5VDC or +10VDC reference voltage. Signals are from 0VDC to +5VDC (V05) and 0VDC to +10VDC (V10) for all models and polarities of both the UMR-AA and UMR-A series.

Output monitoring signals are fully buffered with high input impedance to provide consistent accuracy regardless of load conditions. The low impedance outputs offered by these options also include a programming accuracy that makes them excellent for integration into various systems, including those with digital and PLC control.

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