Rugged and reliable switches for industrial liquid level monitoring applications

03-12-2020 | TE Connectivity | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

TE Connectivity has designed Liquid Level Switches, a valuable, dependable and robust product for industrial liquid level monitoring applications.

The switches employ reed switch technology, offering an extended product life of 10M+ cycles, high electrical load capacity, low contact resistance and UL approvals. Also, the switches are provided in a broad range of standard and custom options delivering exceptional price-to-performance. Liquid level switches can be located in applications such as HVAC, chemical and petrochemicals, wastewater systems, and in the food and beverage industry.

“To compete in today's ever-increasing competitive market, TE has developed Liquid Level Switches,” said Gaddiel Garcia, product manager, Position Sensors at TE Connectivity. “Liquid Level Switches require no power source to facilitate switching action giving our customers a flexible, yet reliable solution for industrial applications requiring liquid level monitoring within a contained space.”

The switches can be placed to have normally closed or normally open switch indication with the rise or fall of liquid, and they may be horizontally or vertically oriented. All housings provide at least IP65 enclosure rating and are offered in different materials such as polypropylene, polyamide, PVDF, PVC, brass and stainless steel. The electrical sealing of the level switches permits no direct contact with liquids, which may cause corrosion issues. The switches can be employed in high-temperature environments and no EMC testing is needed.

By Natasha Shek