New high-resolution digital proximity sensor with I2C interface

03-12-2020 | New Yorker Electronics | Test & Measurement

New Yorker Electronics now offers two new High-Resolution Digital Proximity Sensors with I2C Interface from Vishay. Vishay Optoelectronics has developed two new fully integrated Automotive Grade proximity sensors offering high resolution up to 20┬Ám for force sensing applications.

With selectable 12-bit and 16-bit outputs, they are excellent for force sensing applications in steering wheel controls, laptop smart power buttons and multi-force trackpads, and touchpads for IoT devices and kitchen appliances. They each incorporate a photodiode, amplifier and ADC circuitry in a 4mm x 2.36mm surface-mount package with a low 0.75mm profile. The VCNL3030X01 provides an on-board infrared emitter (IRED) while the VCNL3036X01 is intended to be employed with up to three external IREDs, for which an onboard driver with internal logic is supplied. A smart persistence scheme provides accurate sensing and faster response time.

The Vishay VCNL3030X01 incorporates a proximity sensor and a high power IRED into one small package. The Vishay VCNL3036X01 combines a proximity sensor, a mux and a driver for up to three external IREDs, also into a small package. Both types include photodiodes, amplifiers and ADC circuits into a single chip by CMOS process. The PS provides a programmable interrupt with individual high and low thresholds with the power savings on the microcontroller.

The devices both prevent false triggers while delivering higher resolution compared to earlier-generation sensors. A programmable interrupt function enables designers to select high and low thresholds to decrease the continuous communication with the microcontroller, while its intelligent cancellation stops cross-talk. For force sensing applications, the sensors provide the flexibility to fine-tune the current for short displacements. They function normally even when the user is wearing gloves.

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