New gate driver ICs for 5G and LTE macro base stations

17-12-2020 | Infineon | Semiconductors

Infineon Technologies has introduced its new EiceDRIVER 2EDL8 gate driver IC product family to promote the growth in DC-DC telecom bricks for mobile network infrastructure. These dual-channel junction-isolated gate driver ICs provide for high power density, high efficiency and robustness in isolated DC-DC step-down converters/telecom bricks allowing macro base stations for 5G and LTE telecom infrastructures.

The family includes four variants providing two different pull-up currents and two different input configurations. The 3A version is ideal for retrofit designs, while the industry-leading 4A version is recommended to decrease MOSFET switching losses.

The 2EDL802x allows both channels to function independently. This device is an excellent choice for diagonally driven full-bridges on the primary side, as well as for the synchronous rectification stage on the secondary side to lower the losses through the freewheeling phase. The 2EDL812x provides a differential input structure and built-in shoot-through protection making it an excellent choice for non-diagonally driven primary-side half-bridge stages in DC-DC brick converters.

The family provides an integrated 120V bootstrap diode and precise channel-to-channel propagation delay matching of ±2ns typically. All products in the family have industry-standard PG-VDSON-8 leadless packages and pin-out.

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