LED emitters feature an integrated flat glass lens

01-12-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Lighting Technologies

LED Engin LZC LuxiGen Violet LED Emitters, available now from Mouser, are ultra-high flux density LEDs created with 385nm to 410nm wavelength range and an integrated flat glass lens. These LED emitters provide 0.7C/W low thermal resistance while providing an electrically neutral thermal path.

The emitters are offered in a 9mm x 9mm small footprint with a surface-mount ceramic package. These LED emitters operate at 130C junction temperature and a maximum 50.4V forward voltage.

The LED emitters are also offered on a standard metal core printed circuit board. Typical applications include counterfeit identification, DNA gel, leakage detection, sterilisation, ink curing, and adhesive curing.

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