Advanced tunable LED pairing enhances body clock management

14-12-2020 | NICHIA | Lighting Technologies

NICHIA has announced a new and improved Circadian Tunable LED solution. This new tunable LED pairing has been designed to improve the regulation of the 'body clock' by incorporating the stimulation and calming doses, as well as colour tuning.

This technology harnesses the company's expertise in designing a unique Phosphor Converted Cyan, among other semiconductor processes and packaging techniques. The additional component is the inclusion of the company's newly launched LEDs with TriGain technology, a potassium fluorosilicate-based phosphor technology licensed to the company through a strategic partnership with GE Current.

Most current human-centric lighting systems primarily work by adjusting CCT. Some have begun utilising individual 'energising' or 'calming' LEDs, including the company's Vitasolis. However, its new Circadian Tune LED products raises the bar also to address efficacy, colour quality and increased Melanopsin Stimulation, the light that explicitly is aimed at the melanopsin-containing neurons in the retina of the eye. These neurons, called Intrinsically Photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cells, are coupled to a region of the brain responsible for the regulation of the 24-hour circadian cycle as well as with associated reflexive neuronal and hormonal responses to the presence of light.

“New Circadian Tune LED products are truly innovative. Through an optimisation of efficacy, colour quality and Melanopsin Stimulation, we can better target ipRGCs. Additionally, the utilisation of a traditional 80 CRI warm white for the relaxing portion limits the colour quality of the system. To overcome these limitations, NICHIA has introduced this Phosphor Converted Cyan and Warm White TriGain pairing,” explains Satoshi Okada, general lighting business planning manager of NICHIA Japan.

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