Reducing the size of automotive designs with ultra-compact MOSFETs

09-11-2020 | ROHM Semiconductor | Automotive Technologies

ROHM has released the ultra-compact AEC-Q101 qualified MOSFETs, RV8C010UN, RV8L002SN and BSS84X, best-in-class 1mm2 size that produce automotive-grade reliability. The products are ideal for high-density applications such as ADAS and automotive ECUs.

For automotive parts, AOI is completed after mounting to ensure reliability, but with bottom electrode components the solder joint is not able to be verified since the terminals are not visible, making it challenging to conduct a visual inspection that meets automotive standards. The company has resolved these issues with its original Wettable Flank technology that provides an unprecedented side electrode height of 125┬Ám in the 1mm x 1mm size and leading to increased adoption by several vehicle manufacturers.

Extremely high solder mounting reliability is accomplished during AOI in automotive systems that require high quality. Also, the new bottom electrode package simultaneously provides both breakthrough miniaturisation and high heat dissipation, making it excellent for ADAS and automotive ECUs offering higher board densities.

Typical solutions include switching and reverse connection protection applications, autonomous driving control ECUs, car infotainment, engine control ECUs, drive recorders, and ADAS applications.

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