Op-amp features high speed and low distortion required for data acquisition

10-11-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Mouser is now stocking the LTC6228 and LTC6229 low-distortion 730MHz operational amplifiers from Analog Devices. Providing low noise rail-to-rail output at very high speeds, the LTC6228 single and LTC6229 dual op-amps support the ADC accuracy essential for applications including test and measurement, medical imaging, optical electronics, and data acquisition.

The op-amps provide ultra-low 0.88nV/√Hz voltage noise and low distortion performance of better than -100dB at 4VP-P for large signals as fast as 2MHz. These outstanding performance metrics allow high dynamic range applications.

The op-amps function from a single supply of 2.8V to 11.75V and can support ±5V (or other lower split supply) while sustaining excellent performance at high frequency and slew rates of 500V/µs. The input can ground sense, while the outputs swing rail-to-rail. The LTC6229 is provided in a tiny 3mm x 3mm DFN package, while the LTC6228 is provided in a 2mm x 2mm DFN package. Both op-amps provide a wide operating temperature range of -40C to 125C and are intended for white goods, instrumentation, optical electronics, and high-density systems.

Both op-amps are created to drive the LTC2387-18 18-bit SAR ADC for high-speed data acquisition and imaging applications. The ADC provides excellent linearity and wide dynamic range, with very low distortion at high input frequencies.

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