New eBook showcases high-performance power conversion components

11-11-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Mouser has collaborated with Bourns on a new eBook exploring best practices for working with power conversion components. In 'Achieving Enhanced Performance and Reliability', the companies provide a series of technical articles intended to assist readers in choosing the correct components for specific power applications, including multiple related to high-voltage energy storage.

The growing importance and prevalence of technologies such as EVs, renewable energy sources, and advanced communications networks need reliable components to support developments in energy storage and power conversion. The new eBook dives deep into topics including rechargeable batteries, battery management systems in high-voltage energy storage, and decreasing winding loss in a ferrite inductor.

The new eBook includes convenient links and ordering information for the company's power conversion products developed to satisfy the demands of these emerging technologies. The SRP-C high-current, shielded power inductors satisfy the high-density current needs of modern consumer electronics applications, delivering low buzz noise for DC-DC converters and power supplies. The company’s SRP0xxx shielded power inductors offer a metal alloy powder core and flat wire, providing outstanding temperature stability, low core loss, and low DC resistance. The HCT AEC-Q2000-compliant power transformers provide elevated isolation from high-voltage hazards, making them an excellent choice for automotive battery management systems, automotive gate drivers, and digital input modules.

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