MOSFET saves space and increases efficiency in automotive SMPS applications

16-11-2020 | Vishay | Power

Vishay Intertechnology has launched an AEC-Q101 qualified n-channel 60V MOSFET that is the industry's first device in the PowerPAK SO-8L dual asymmetric package. The new Vishay Siliconix SQJ264EP is devised to satisfy the demand for space savings and improved efficiency in DC-DC switch-mode power supplies for automotive applications. The new device blends a high and low side MOSFET in a compact 5mm x 6mm footprint, with low side maximum on-resistance down to 8.6mOhm.

By co-packaging two TrenchFET MOSFETs in an asymmetric package, the device reduces component counts and board space needs while improving power density compared to single MOSFET solutions. Also, its optimised die size combination of control (high side) and synchronous (low side) MOSFETs offer higher efficiency than symmetrical dual devices in power conversions with duty cycles below 50%.

The device's Channel 1 MOSFET provides maximum on-resistance of 20mOhm at 10V and a typical gate charge of 9.2nC, while the Channel 2 MOSFET gives on-resistance of 8.6mOhm at 10V and a typical gate charge of 19.2nC. Without an internally connected switch node, the device provides designers with the flexibility to configure the transistors to different topologies, including synchronous buck or synchronous boost DC-DC converters.

With high-temperature operation to +175C, the dual MOSFET delivers the ruggedness and reliability needed for automotive applications including infotainment systems, displays, and LED lighting, as well as e-bikes. Also, the device's gullwing leads allow for better solder flow under its pins, increased AOI capabilities, and higher board-level reliability compared to QFN single and dual packages.

The device is 100% Rg and UIS-tested, RoHS-compliant, and halogen-free.

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