High-density connector for sensor and automation applications

11-11-2020 | Binder | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

The new Binder Series 768/718, 12-pin M8 male panel-mount connectors with dip-soldered contacts expand the selection with high-performance products for signal and data transmission.

The series products were developed for signal and data transmission applications and are being employed in the newest automation systems, sensor arrangements, industrial cameras and measurement and control technology. The male and female panel-mount connectors are simple to install and can be screw-mounted at the front. They are offered in different designs with or without a shielding plate. The rated current is 1A, the rated voltage is 32V, and the operating temperature range extends from -40C to +85C.

The connectors received a facelift with the C-coding and, when locked, offer IP 67 protection. The screw locking system of the connectors complies with DIN EN 61076-2-104. The housing is constructed of polyurethane and has gold-plated crimp contacts that can be dip soldered. A nickel-plated, zinc-diecast threaded ring provides a sturdy connection of the connectors created for more than 100 mating cycles.

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