Earth and ground resistance tester delivers fast accurate measurements

25-11-2020 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

The Megger DLRO2, available now from RS Components, is a tough, hand-held 2A low resistance ohmmeter. The device is designed to deliver fast, accurate, repeatable measurements, even in electrically noisy locations.

The device is the most recent in a line of instruments displaying the Ducter brand. For the utility or industrial user, a high level of safety is delivered with a CATIII 600V/CATIV 300V rating to IEC61010. Also, the instrument can defend itself from inadvertent connections to up to 600V without blowing a fuse, thereby evading essential time being lost to repairs or locating a replacement fuse. When working outside, the IP54 rating provides that neither rain nor dust will stop testing.

The device measures low resistance values over a broad spectrum of applications, from railways and aircraft to the resistance of industry components.

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