Cost-effective and highly efficient non-isolated PoL switching regulators

25-11-2020 | XP | Power

XP Power has introduced the SVR surface-mount and VR through-hole, non-isolated DC-DC switching regulators. With efficiencies of up to 96% and operating temperatures of -40C to +85C, the PoL devices are excellent as replacements for low-efficiency linear regulators. They function from a wide input range of up to 36V and provide a low quiescent current, making them ideal for an assortment of applications and battery-powered electronic equipment.

There are two variants in the range, each delivering different maximum output currents. The SVR05 series of 0.5A devices provide output voltage models between 1.5V and 15V, and a low standby current of lower than 100µA with remote on/off. The SVR10 series of 1A switching regulators provides output voltage models from 1.5V to 12V and standby current of lower than 1mA with remote on/off. Both devices are created with size and efficiency in mind; they are accommodated in a compact SMD package measuring 15.24mm x 8.5mm x 8.25mm (L x W x H) and provide efficiency levels of up to 95%.

The VR range of SIP3 packaged switching regulators is provided in three variants: the VR05 (0.5A) uses as little as 0.2mA when idle, and the VR10 (1A) as little as 0.3mA. Both series provide regulated single outputs from 3.3V to 15V. The VR20 (2A) covers outputs from 2.5V to 15V, and each model consumes as little as 0.1mA when idle.

Both families provide outstanding EMC performance, complying with EN55032 Class B conducted and radiated emissions with external components, and meeting EN61000-4-2, -3, -4, -5, -6 immunity standards. Standard features include continuous short circuit protection with auto-recovery and overload protection.

Typical applications comprise portable and battery-operated equipment, sensors, robotics, instrumentation, embedded computing, telecommunications, medical devices and distributed DC supply systems needing regulation but not requiring isolation. All models offer MTBF figures over 2Mhrs and come with a three-year warranty.

By Natasha Shek