Automotive high capacitance MLCCs for a variety of applications

04-11-2020 | TTI Europe | Automotive Technologies

Samsung Electro-Mechanics offers a wide range of automotive MLCC for a variety of applications, including safety and infotainment, available now from TTI Europe. These MLCCs have excellent electrical characteristics and provide high credibility. Also, through its soft termination technology, it was developed to absorb external physical stress and stop the occurrence of short circuits.

This MLCC line-up provides values with capacitance up to 22uF, rated voltages up to 100V and X7S/X7R. The PN Series is AEC-Q200 qualified and provides a unique 3mm board flex guarantee. For higher safety class applications the PJ series with Soft Termination provides up to 5mm and is VW80808-2 qualified.

Typical automotive applications include powertrain - inverter for electrification (xEV), ADAS, braking, on board charger, battery management system, and industrial uses.

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