Ultra-compact power modules support a variety of high-performance applications

07-10-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Mouser now stocks the TDK FS1406 µPOL DC-DC power modules. Providing 15W of output power in a tiny 3.3mm x 3.3mm x 1.5mm package, the highly compact point-of-load modules support a variety of high-performance applications, incorporating ML, AI, big data, 5G cells, and IoT applications.

The TDK FS1406 µPOL DC-DC power modules incorporate the matching MOSFET, inductor and driver in a single semiconductor embedded in substrate package, significantly lowering the device’s form factor by up to 50% in comparison with modules utilising side-by-side integrated circuit and inductor. The modules feature an on-chip PWM controller, integrated MOSFETs, and integrated inductors and capacitors, producing a highly accurate regulator with exceptionally high power density of 1W per mm³.

The plug-and-play devices decrease system cost and design time and are excellent for industrial applications that need high power density, including network communications, servers, and storage. The modules also support imaging, security, radars, and other machines for the medical industry.

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