Small power inductors offer greatest efficiency at highest temperatures

08-10-2020 | Wurth | Passives

Wurth Elektronik WE-MAPI is one of the world’s smallest coiled metal-alloy power inductors. It is characterised by a high saturation current, high permeability, and low resistance. An important area of applications for the range is high-performance DC-DC converters with a high efficiency for switching frequencies of up to 20MHz. New additions in this range are the 5020 and 5030 sizes and the 4020HT version. With a range of operating temperatures from -55C to +150C, the 4020HT is in a class of its own. Furthermore, the power inductor also displays AC winding losses 55% lower than those for comparable products on the market.

The other sizes of the AEC-Q 200-qualified power inductors are also suited for use in mobile devices – operating temperature -40C to +125C. All versions offer an excellent saturation current four times higher than that of similarly dimensioned components. The coil, made of enamelled copper wire, is firmly embedded in a metal-powder alloy, the hybrid bonding system of which lessens the thermal ageing of the component. The components are fabricated entirely without welding or soldering spots and therefore, do not have any potential weak points. Ni/Sn contact surfaces in the place of clips give the SMT pick-and-placeable power inductor excellent coplanarity and noticeably reduce the space necessity. The self-screening construction assures the best possible EMC performance.

Thanks to the significantly reduced dimensions of the components, they are ideal for use in high-efficiency power-supply systems and space-critical applications.

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