Simulation solution delivers up to 10X faster system-level EMI simulation

20-10-2020 | Cadence | New Technologies

Cadence Design Systems has extended its system analysis product line by introducing the Cadence Clarity 3D Transient Solver, a system-level simulation solution that solves EMI system design problems up to 10X faster than legacy 3D field solvers and delivers unbounded capacity. Built on the company's massively parallel matrix solver technology, the solver handles workload levels that earlier needed time-consuming and expensive anechoic test chambers to test prototypes for EMC compliance. The new solver can simulate large designs that until now have been impractical or unable to be solved, lowering respins and speeding time to market. This makes it excellent for many complex applications in the hyperscale computing, mobile, automotive, and aerospace and defence markets.

“As a premier engineering service provider, Ultimate Technologies focuses on quick, efficient and first-time-right designs,” said Satoshi Utsumi, CEO of Ultimate Technologies, Inc. “The Clarity 3D Transient Solver from Cadence allows us to simulate with test-measurement accuracy so we can predict what will be measured during EMI testing, thereby ensuring our customers pass EMI compliance checking on the first pass while dramatically reducing the number of prototype designs. This allows us to shave up to three months off automotive ECU design cycles, reducing design cycle time by as much as 30%. With Clarity 3D technology, we can quickly iterate and improve design quality while meeting customer schedule demands.”

“Many customers advise it is very time-consuming and expensive to find problem areas in anechoic test chambers, and often those problems are challenging to isolate, identify and fix,” said Ben Gu, vice president of multi-physics system analysis in the Custom IC and PCB Group at Cadence. “Now, they can rely on the power of computational software simulation to identify and fix problems earlier in the design cycle. The Clarity 3D Transient Solver demonstrates that Cadence continues to deliver industry-leading solutions that significantly speed electronic system design.”

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