SiC MOSFET offers significantly reduced losses

22-10-2020 | Toshiba | Power

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has released a 1200V SiC MOSFET for high power industrial applications incorporating 400V AC input AC/DC power supplies, PV inverters and bi-directional DC-DC converters for UPS.

The new TW070J120B power MOSFET is based upon SiC, a new wide bandgap material that enables devices to provide high voltage resistance, high-speed switching, and low On-resistance in comparison to conventional MOSFETs and IGBT products based upon Si. Subsequently, the new MOSFET makes a considerable contribution to lowering power consumption and enhancing power density, leading to opportunities for system downsizing.

Fabricated with the company's second-generation chip design, the new SiC MOSFET provides enhanced reliability. Further, the device realises low input capacitance of 1680pF (typ), a low gate-input charge (Qg) of 67nC (typ), and a drain-to-source On-resistance (RDS(ON)) of only 70mOhm (typ).

Housed in a TO-3P(N) package, the new MOSFET will allow the design of higher efficiency power solutions, particularly in industrial applications, where the improved power density will also add to decreased equipment size and weight.

By Natasha Shek