New MCUs feature low power animated display driver for battery-powered devices

02-10-2020 | Microchip Technology | Semiconductors

System developers of battery-powered and other power-conscious designs with and without LCDs can now easily add an array of innovative features using a new line of PIC eXtreme Low Power MCUs from Microchip Technology. Packed with 14 types of CIPs that operate outside the CPU for power savings, the PIC24F GU and GL families of MCUs feature the CIP called LCD with Autonomous Animation.

Most display applications involve a few common animations such as periodically alternating between displays and blinking of pixels to indicate operation. By employing the integrated LCD driver with autonomous animation, developers can offload many of these simple animation routines from the CPU, enabling animation even in doze, idle or sleep modes for optimal power savings. To help in quickly designing such display interfaces, the new MCUs come with MPLAB Code Configurator support. This graphical programming environment with LCD designer helps eradicate the painstaking and time-consuming task of mapping the pins and segments.

“The latest family of PIC MCUs adds new hardware features that improve low power performance, code protection and reliable operation in applications across multiple segments,” said Joe Thomsen, vice president of Microchip’s MCU16 business unit. “This scalable family of devices enable applications from cloud-connected low-power IoT nodes and sensor systems to automotive, consumer and industrial automation applications and helps developers easily add displays, robustness and security to their designs.”

Capable of functioning in harsh environments, the MCU families are ideal for automotive, industrial and consumer applications. They offer an extended operating temperature of up to 125C, are automotive AEC Q100 Grade 1 qualified and have a diagnostic library for IEC 60730 (household appliances) Class B safety standards.

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