New intelligent revolution series explores cutting-edge applications in AI

05-10-2020 | Mouser Electronics | New Technologies

Mouser has released 'Artificial Intelligence: The Next Wave in Life Sciences', the first eBook from The Intelligent Revolution series. In the new eBook, experts from the company and the life science industry explore cutting-edge applications for AI in areas including flu prevention, speech therapy, and wildlife protection. The new AI series is the most recent addition to the company's Empowering Innovation Together program.

“We are excited to provide this type of enlightening content for our customers and followers. Artificial intelligence has revolutionised many high-profile industries, and we are now seeing this groundbreaking technology applied to new applications in life sciences,” said Kevin Hess, senior vice president, Marketing at Mouser Electronics. “This first eBook in The Intelligent Revolution series explores some of the most exciting new uses for AI in life sciences, as industry leaders highlight what has been achieved as well as what’s to come.”

The eBook provides an engaging article about Tanya Berger-Wolf, a computational ecologist at the Ohio State University, as well as insightful contributions from science writer David Freedman. The first article explores Berger-Wolf’s usage of AI in matching photographs to exact animals, a critical function in wildlife protection. Specific animal matching allows scientists to distinguish whether a population is increasing or declining and to decide how much funding and land should be allotted to protect the animal population.

Freedman’s contributions examine the role of AI in two medical applications: analysing the sounds of coughs to track flu outbreaks, and determinating patterns in brain scans to predict the results of speech therapy.

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