New high-reliability specification for fast beam-steering mirror control systems

29-10-2020 | Ixthus Instrumentation | Test & Measurement

Kaman Precision Products has launched a high-reliability version of its fast beam-steering mirror measurement system. Available now from Ixthus Instrumentation the upgraded KD-5100+ facilitates high-precision position feedback for control systems employed in mirror steering and scanning tasks for laser communications on satellites and ground stations, airborne and shipborne directed energy systems and image stabilisation systems.

Typical inductive sensor configurations employed with the device include Kaman’s 15N or 20N series providing non-contacting measurement ranges of +/-0.9mm and +/-1.9mm respectively. Arranged in exactly matched pairs on the X and Y mirror axes with each pair operating as a balanced bridge circuit on each side of the mirror, these sensors detect the differential distance as the mirror rotates around its pivot, giving an output voltage from the device which is proportional to the mirror’s angular displacement. The resulting resolution and precision for each axis is in the sub-micro radian range - delivering the means for exceptional accuracy.

The device's measurement system offers an operating temperature range of -20C to +60C (sensors are -52C to +105C) with outstanding thermal and long-term stability in a small and easily installed package size. The highly durable measurement system is created for long, trouble-free operational life for maximum high-reliability usage.

The upgraded device offers an identical MIL-PRF-38534 Class H proprietary hybrid microcircuit as the KD5100 ‘standard’ version with the addition of high-rel diodes and capacitors and an upgraded aerospace specification for circuit layout, ground connections and sensor connectors.

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