MOSFET relay offers maximum test accuracy

20-10-2020 | TTI Europe | Power

With a unique T- circuit structure, the Omron G3VM-21MT, available now from TTI Europe, provides an exceptionally low leakage current of only 1pA (pico-Amp) or less, delivering accurate measurements in all types of test equipment. Previously, mechanical relays have been selected in the semiconductor and other test equipment, in part due to their low leakage current. However, mechanical relays provide a far lower lifespan due to abrasion of contacts which lessens measurement accuracy over time. In intensive use, frequent replacement can be necessary, pushing up the cost of maintenance.

With a ‘T-Type Circuit structure’ that sends most leakage current to ground, the G3VM-21MT effectively integrates the advantages of the mechanical and MOSFET relays to deliver an accurate, compact and long-lasting switching solution with no mechanical contacts.

Typical applications include semiconductor test equipment and automated test equipment.

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