Light and durable manual cable tie guns

12-10-2020 | TTI Europe | Subs & Systems

Available now from TTI Europe, this durability, comfort and precise the HellermannTyton EVO7 is one of the lightest professional cable tie guns available. Yet it is robust enough to survive the most challenging workshop conditions. Factory calibrated between 20N to 165N, the gun offers a lower tension force than many other manual cable ties guns, which start at around 50N.

The EVO9 offers the same benefits as the EVO7 but is intended for plastic cable tie straps between 4.8mm and 13.5mm. The device tensions between 53N and 307N. In endurance tests, both guns tension precisely and cut smoothly for more than a million times before requiring a service. Both cable tie guns are offered with a standard grip span of 90mm (EVO7) or short grip span of 80mm (EVO7SP), for smaller hands.

The cable tie gun is suitable for application of plastic cable ties in all industries, including cable harness making, panel building, plant installation, and MRO projects.

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