High-voltage analog multiplexers provide signal distribution in IIoT applications

06-10-2020 | Diodes Inc | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the PS508 and PS509 analog multiplexers that can switch signal voltages of up to 36V in an industrial environment. The high voltage capability of the devices will support IIoT applications utilising multiple sensors, including factory automation and process control, battery monitoring systems, and test and measurement equipment.

The devices deliver single-ended or differential configurations. A single PS509 provides differential 4:1 or dual 4:1 signal-end channels. The PS508 gives an 8:1 ratio for single-ended switching. Address lines are utilised to select the input/output combination, while an Enable pin disables all switches when low.

A low charge injection of 0.9pC, together with low input and output capacitances (30pF or lower), provide low distortion on the signals being switched. This is essential for industrial applications where a small change in the sensor signal can impact overall system functionality.

The multiplexers function over the industrial temperature range of -40C to +125C from a dual supply voltage between ±5V and ±18V or a single supply voltage between 10V and 36V. The supply current for both devices is just 135μA, making them ideal for portable applications.

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